100% Natural and Recycled materials



Sustainable Materials For The Most Eco Friendly Packaging

sustainability starts with the lifestyle we choose;
We choose high-quality eco-friendly materials,
and you can choose us, choose Rivta!

Recycled Fabrics

At Rivta we are aware of everyone’s need to look at waste,consumption and production methods in regards to our environmental impact. With this in mind, we recommend everyone to use recycled fabrics


Natural &  Organic Fabrics

People prefer natural and organic fabrics.
They are healthy, skin-friendly, biodegradable and free of harmful chemicals.
No burden even for pregnant women and babies.

Vegan Leathers

Vegan leather is a material that mimics leather, but is created
from artificial or plant products instead of animal skins.
Vegan leather is eco-friendly , fashion and cruelty-free .