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Why Sustainability

The use of plastic bags has promoted the development of our daily lives,
but bringing at the same time social and environmental consequences through these years.
Thus we are committed to make a sustainable change to:
improve our health, increase the safety, and save more money!

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The portable cosmetic case is more practical and has a larger capacity than the ordinary cosmetic bag. The wonderful thing is that this is a soft cosmetic case, which can be folded for easy portability.

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  • Nude-pink-quilted-double-layer-makeup-cases

    Recycled PVB makeup cases are good for your wallet and the planet

    Usually, what kind of makeup cases can we buy in the store? Made of animal leather, PU artificial leather , PVC artificial leather? Yes, basically they are made of these materials. But - PVC  is too plastic, animal leather is expensive and it’s no cruelty free ; Compreh...

  • Sustainable beauty is a trend

    Sustainable beauty is a trend

    Consumers have come to realize that beauty must not come at the cost of harming their health or the environment. Recently, two more beauty brands have secured financing. British skincare brand BYBI has received £1.9 million in funding from asset Finance firm Independent Growth Finance(IGF) to exp...

  • Luxury cosmetics packaging will be environmentally sustainable

    Luxury cosmetics packaging will be environmentally sustainable

    According to the United Nations Statistics Office, 90 percent of Americans, 89 percent of Germans and 84 percent of Dutch people consider environmental standards when buying goods. With more and more attention paid to environmental protection, environmental protection has become a part of human d...

  • Eco-Rivta tells you why sustainable fashion matters

    Eco Rivta tells you why sustainable fashion matters?

    There are many fashion brands out there that care sustainability, they’re transparent about their manufacturing processes and sourcing practices. To find the best sustainable brands, it is important to do your research and look for those that align with your values. As a eco-packaging manufacture...

  • Save the planet

    Why we choose ECO-BAGS in daily life

    It is a well-know fact that the environment suffers from a lot of ecological problems. People cannot change the consequences which were done by their own activity. Green house effect, water and air pollution, irrational use of natural resources, contamination of the environment. All these problem...

  • How did plastic bottles turn into bags

    What is RPET and how does it work?

    RPET, the abbreviation of recycled polyethylene tetraphyte is commonly used. We’ll be explaining PET a little more below. But for now, know that PET is the fourth most widely used plastic resin in the world. PET can be found in everything from clothing and food packaging. If you see the ter...

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